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NATIONAL 126 SINGLE-PULL BINDING BRUTES 126 & 1126 SINGLE-PULL BINDING BRUTES Single pull feed system makes machine very maneuverable Non-slip gear reduction drive with heavy duty motor, made in the USA Easily converts to a stationary table mounted unit with foot control Straight or zigzag lockstitch for maximum binding strength Ergonomically designed handle gives better visibility and reduces hand and arm fatigue Permanent factory pre-set feed timing Sews inside curves, outside curves, scallops, corners, etc. Easy and quick maintenance Brutes include a 7/8-inch folder that accommodates binding and serging tape Over four yards a minute Rectified DC motor Built-in heavy duty ball bearing wheels Available in electric or battery operation The battery operated machines are the industry’s only true portable machines (no cords to mess with) Includes two batteries and one charger Batteries last for 1-1/4 to 1-1/2 hours of run time depending on the carpet thickness 90-day manufacturer’s warranty
USD 1,799 40
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